DIY I Spy Christmas Ornament


DIY Children's I-Spy Ornament


Supply List

Large SHATTERPROOF clear ornaments {Hobby Lobby}

Small Christmas buttons

Vase Filler {found in the floral or wedding aisle}

Christmas ribbon

hot glue gun & glue

contact paper



I Spy Ornament Tutorial

1. Take the top off and insert Christmas buttons.  Make a list of the buttons you put in the bulb as you go.

How to Make an I Spy Ornament2. Add some clear vase filler.

I Spy Ornament Tutorial

4.  Shake it all up to distribute the buttons throughout the ornament.

I Spy Ornament

5.  Hot glue to top on.

I Spy Ornament Tutorial

6.  Create a cute list of all the buttons in the bulb. I used!

I Spy Tutorial

7.  Print out on cardstock and cover both sides with contact paper

Personalized I Spy Ornaments by U Create

8.  Add a personal touch with vinyl or stickers.

I Spy Ornament Tutorial

9.  Hole punch the corner and tie the list to the bulb with curly Christmas ribbon.

I Spy Ornaments

Now you have a perfect Christmas Boredom Buster.  My kids play with them in the car and at restaurants.  I am sure they will also come in handy at the “boring” Christmas parties we drag them too. :)

We plan to make these with the cousins at our Family Christmas party!

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  1. says

    Love this idea! I’m going to make these for my son, nieces and nephews for Christmas. I’m trying to use the PicMonkey site that you used to make cards – any suggestions or tips you can give me? I have downloaded Christmas fonts into my Microsoft Word but I’m not sure how to transfer that to a collage on PicMonkey.

  2. says

    I got all the supplies I needed for this at Hobby Lobby today (Christmas is 50% off). Instead of the vase filler, I got some little styrofoam balls that are basically bean bag chair filling, but they were sold with the kids’ Christmas crafting items. They were $1/bag and should fill two of the large ornaments.

    Hurry if you’re going to make these! Our Hobby Lobby is getting wiped out of Christmas crafting items!!!

  3. says

    Okay, report time! I just filled my first ornament. The styrofoam balls don’t work for a couple of reasons. The first was obvious right away – static cling! They line the inside of the ball. :-( The second is they are too light and all the items fall to the bottom and are hard to see.

    But I did get to test the fillers I chose! I have some pipe cleaner candy canes, sparkly pom poms, mylar cut-outs, foam stickers, jingle bells, light buttons…and still collecting. I do need to get some buttons because I think they’ll be the correct weight.

    As I was writing this, I had an idea and tried it. I had some Poly-Fil Poly-Pellets Stuffing Beads for another project. They work well and look very similar to the initial vase filler in the directions. I think it will be more cost effective than the vase stuff. I paid $4 for a 32-ounce bag, which should fill four of the four-inch ornaments.

  4. Anonymous says

    I LOVE this adorable idea! I am making one for each of my kids and my niece and nephew for Christmas, and will be adding the little letter beads to spell out their names, in addition to other xmas trinkets. I am hoping that as they become older, it will be a favorite ornament to pull out and play with before adding it to the tree!

  5. says

    These are so easy to make! I cannot thank you enough for posting directions that were very easy to follow. I made nine of these for family night gift baskets and for a friend’s kids for Christmas. They have been a big hit at our gift exchange!


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