DIY Nativity Stocking Holders

DIY Nativity Stocking Holders - or make a wooden child-proof nativity set!

I have a gorgeous glass nativity set that I got for my wedding.  I would love to display it in my entryway, but I have 3 little ones and 10 nieces and nephews who frequent my house so alas I do not display my beautiful nativity.  However, Christmas isn’t Christmas to me without one.  That is part one of how this tutorial came to be.  Part two: I got some fancy silver stocking holders that read NOEL when I had my last baby…or what I thought was my last baby.  I had a little miracle child the next year {she is my official last baby}.  But I only had 4 stocking holders…and baby is now 4.  Thus the reason for creating these new stocking holders I am going to share with you today. 

Supply List:

5 Vinyl Nativity Pieces sized to 2” x 4” (one more reason to own a Silhouette)

1 2” x 4” x 20” piece of lumber from the hardware store

5 ugly stocking holders from the dollar store

E-6000 glue

White acrylic paint

brown stain

sanding block

DIY Nativity Stocking Holders
1. Cut your lumber in 4” pieces.
2. Paint white.  When the paint dries, sand the sides and some little bits in the middle.  Paint on stain and quickly wipe the stain off.  This makes the blocks look not so bright and more aged.  Apply the vinyl pieces.

DIY Nativity Stocking Holders 3
3. Break the ugly snowman, glitter, and  holly off the dollar store stocking holders. Sand down the tops so they are smooth and level.

DIY Nativity Stocking Holders 4
4. Get some E-6000 glue to adhere your nativity blocks on the stocking holders.

DIY Nativity Stocking Holders 5
5.  Apply the glue and press onto the stocking holders.  Wipe off any glue that seep under the blocks.  This glue takes about 24 hours to set, but I just put them on my mantle and they can set there. {hehe}
Sit back and enjoy your super cute Nativity Stocking Holders!
DIY Nativity Stocking Holders Final

WANT TO MAKE YOUR OWN? I sell the vinyl sets every WINTER.  Check back again September 2015.  

DIY Nativity Stocking Holders

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  1. Anonymous says

    I absolutely love these!!! I just bought a set and was hoping to get a sixth vinyl pattern as well. My sister said you have one with a verse. Can I order that one? Thank you!

  2. S.Phelps-Perkins says

    I love these! I have a Nativity collection, this will go great with my collection! I ordered 2 sets. Is there any way to get 7 silhouttes out of the order. A verse and a shepard for extra. and then for the other 3 the holy family, shepard, and animals. That would give me 10 silhouettes, which I have ordered. Just love, love these!!!

    • says

      I just found these by accident after searching everything I could think of. Search for the design numbers, 1537, 1538, 1539, and 1540. The Mary and Joseph are different, though. I think she modified #4917 for hers.

  3. says

    I am so sorry to disappoint you guys, but I had NO IDEA these would be so popular and got almost 300 orders…I am not complaining, I am so glad you gals like them, but I won’t be offering them again until the fall of 2013 in order to spend some time with my family and enjoy the Christmas holiday.
    Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and emails. I am touched that you like this craft so much!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. says

    I’m not sure my comment went through and since I sent it, I saw that you were not doing more orders. So I still have the questions about if you sell vinyl regularly and if so what is your website. Can I order some of the stocking holders after Christmas for next year? How much?

    I love keeping up with you and Kari.

  5. says

    Had found your site on Craft Gossip so had to come and visit just to see your Gorgeous Stocking Holders. AWESOME! and very, very festive for the holiday.
    I collect nativity sets so when I seen what you had done, the inspiration blew me away and got me to thinking on what I could do with what I have on hand.
    Will be signing up for you email newsletter as soon as I get done commenting here.
    Thank you for the Great Inspiration
    Texas USA

  6. says

    I just had to comment after I read your post because the same thing happened to me and you have created a beautiful solution to your and my problem. I bought those same exact stockings hangers, NOEL, from Pottery Barn some years ago. We were definitely not having more children. Two, a boy and a girl, was enough. But God had other plans for us because the year my daughter turned 19, my son was 13, and I was 43, I had our sweet number 3. So this year when I was putting out the stockings, I looked at the hangers and wondered what to do. Garrett is only 1 1/2 years old, so this year he really didn’t need a stocking but next year I’m sure he will understand more. I am a big Silhouette user and will definitely be creating something very similar for next year. Thanks so much for sharing your project and your story.


  7. says

    I ordered these, made them, they turned out precious, and I LOVE them! Thanks so much for inspiring me and giving me the tools to bring it to reality. My question is, are these okay to be stored in the attic? Will the vinyl stay adhered to the wood? I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up against heat and really don’t want to get them out next year and find them damaged. Thanks again!!

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