Wordle Hot Chocolate Gift Idea

Sentimental gifts are always the best, right?! One of my most treasured gifts was a simple board with words on it. Yep words. My dear friend Alison made subway art with words that reminded her of me. It melts my heart every time I look at it. When thinking about gifts for my neighbors, I wanted it to be something sentimental, easy, and inexpensive. Combine that with my deep love for hot chocolate and vwallah: Hot Chocolate Art! 😉
How to make a personalized hot chocolate gift by How Does She

My family and I sat down and made a list of words that described a family in our neighborhood. We then picked words that described each individual in that family. After we had our list we simply plugged the words into Wordle and watched it create beautiful word art.
If you’ve never used Wordle before, you simply plug in words, and it creates a word collage. If you want certain words emphasized, simply repeat that word several times. Fabulous site!
We wrapped the ‘family word art’ around a can of hot chocolate.
How to make a personalized hot chocolate gift by How Does She
We then wrapped the ‘individual word art’ around a Styrofoam cup for each member of the family.
How to make a personalized hot chocolate gift by How Does She
We attached a little note to the can of hot-cocoa that said…
How to make a personalized hot chocolate gift by How Does She
I like to imagine the family gathering around, having a cup of hot cocoa, and discussing all the sweet words that
describe them. Warm stomachs, and warm hearts. :) You can’t beat it.
How to make a personalized hot chocolate gift by How Does She
I hope it makes them smile.
Thank you for the opportunity to be on the fabulous U-create today! We always feel so honored for the invitation. :)

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  1. Anonymous says

    So cute! I’m a teacher and our school Christmas party is this week. I was already planning on making homemade hot chocolate packets for my students. I’m going to make these cups to go with them!!!

    I have a couple of questions, 1.) How did you shrink your words to fit on that cup? I just tried, but it fills a whole page.

    2.) What font did you use for the note that you attached to your package? I love it!

  2. says

    I’m so glad you all like the idea! :)

    To size your ‘wordle art’, simply save it as a pdf and open it in photoshop. Re-size the art to the measurements of the cups / hotchocolate. Any photo program would work. Or you could play around with sizing the %’s on your print settings. :)

    The font is Pea Hannah Vanilla (a free font from kevinandamanda.com).

    Hope that helps! :)

  3. says

    great idea; great ‘wordle’ link [bookmarked!]; i would swap-out styrofoam for paper or other biodegradable/compostable cup; how about adding a monogramed spoon[dollar store] to remind them of your yummy gift the rest of the year & leave them wondering what treat they have to look forward to next year from you?!

  4. Anonymous says

    I am so glad the wordle site was shared. I to don’t know how to save as a PDF file. I read the site’s tutorial but it states you need a third party software to do it? Do you have an easy way to save PDF files?


  5. says

    My wheels are spinning with so many possibilities!! In case anyone is having trouble finding wordle it is http://www.wordle.net I tried .com and got nowhere. For those of you who are unable to save as a pdf file try this. (It is easy once you try) Go to the office button on the lower left side of the screen. Search for Snipping tool. When the snipping tool opens select rectagle. This works just like a pair of scissors. You can then save the image to your computer and insert it into various programs like Word or Open Office. I was able to resize my Wordle to get 4 on a page to make gift tags.

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing! I was already planning to make homemade flavored marshmallows (my first attempt!) and chocolate dipped spoons to go along with hot chocolate packets for my neighbors but this is something I just have to add in for a particularly lovely neighbour!! Great idea!!

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