The 10 Minute Throw Pillow Cover

Simple instructions to make a throw pillow cover in no time!
Grab your favorite fabric, a contrasting color of felt, and create this super simple pillow!


LOVE Pillow Tutorial

It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day décor and you can even leave it up all-year round if you’d like!


Supply List

One Yard of Fabric

One Square of Felt (4 for $1.00 at craft store)

DMC floss (I used white or you could

use your machine if you prefer)

Sewing machine thread

LOVE Template…(click image and print)

L templateO TemplateV TemplateE Template

{at the last minute I decided to cut out  (free hand) a heart instead of an “O”…your choice!}

cut fabric love pillow 

Cut, center, and stitch {hand-stitch or machine stitch} felt template on 20”x20” piece.
LOVE applique  stitching LOVE

sew one inch inseam

sew right sides together

Cut corners off, flip right side out, and make a point in corners.
cut corners off  fix corners
Iron seams and place cover on pillow…

LOVE Pillow Tutorial and free template! 

and you’re done!!


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