Simple Tulip Wreath Tutorial


My front door has been bare for a few weeks and needed help. I was looking for something “springy” to brighten it up.

I instantly knew I wanted a tulip wreath. I’ve never created one before.

How to Make a Simple Tulip Wreath by UCreate

I decided to give it a shot and it worked!

Want to create the easiest spring wreath ever?!

Let me show you how to make a simple tulip wreath…


2 bunches of artificial tulips {I purchased mine at Michaels and they had a ton of colors to choose from}

grapevine wreath

glue gun/glue sticks

burlap ribbon

lavendar tulips

Step One. Separate the tulips from the bunches

Step Two. Shove the stems in the grapevine and make sure the flowers all facing the same direction.

DIY Tulip Wreath by UCreate

Step Three. Hot glue gun the stems and flowers into place as needed. I did this because my wreath will be outside and I wanted it very sturdy.

Step Four. Hang your new wreath with your favorite ribbon {I used a wired, burlap ribbon}.

Spring Easter Wreath Tutorial - easiest wreath ever! UCreate

…and you have a beautiful wreath to enjoy all Spring!




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