Tri-fold Homework Station Tutorial


With school in full swing, I am struggling to keep everyone’s paperwork organized and accessible for the kids.  To remedy that I decided to make both of my school children a homework station. It was very simple to make and the kids got to design their boards with me to make them more unique.


DIY Tri-fold Homework Station 

Supply List:

(2) 8 1/2 x 11 plastic page protectors

Tri-fold Science Fair Board


Utility Knife

Clear contact paper

Print out helpful learning sheets according to each child’s need

Adhesive Velcro

Glue Stick or other adhesive


Various Decorations to personalize for each child. (I used vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo)


Tri-fold Homework Station 1 

Tri-fold Homework Station 2 Tri-fold Homework Station 3 

The tri-fold science fair board is too tall for what I had envisioned and I have two school aged kids, so I decided to cut the board in half and make two boards: one for Ethan and one for Izzy.  Smart thinking, huh?

Gather all the supplies you need for your child.  For Ethan, I printed out a tracing sheet of cursive capital letters, the United States Map and a multiplication table.  I also went to the dollar store in the teacher section and bought a list of Presidents of the United States as he is working on memorizing them this year.


Tri-fold Homework Station 4

I glued the list of Presidents to the top of one side and then created a United States of America packet.

Tri-fold Homework Station Collage

I put the USA map in front and all the information his teacher had distributed in back and slid it into one of the sheet protectors. Using the heavy duty adhesive Velcor, I adhered the sheet protector under the list of Presidents. That way he can take the packet down and work on it and then put it back for easy storage and organization.

Tri-fold Homework Station 8

Ethan is constantly asking me how to do capital cursive letters so I printed out a tracing sheet and covered it with contact paper to create a dry erase surface.  I glued it to the board.  I did the same thing with the multiplication table.  These made up the other side of the board.

Now for the dreaded homework packet.

Tri-fold Homework Station 10

Since Ethan gets a new packet every week and I wanted to create a pocket where the packet could live and yet still be taken out to work on it.  I stapled an empty sheet protector to the top of the board where it is front and center!  Now is packet is slid easily in and out…no more lost homework!

Now decorate the homework station to make a fun personalized work area!  Ethan is very much into science…like his mommy…so he wanted an atom surrounding his name.  Then I added some fun periodic table letters to spell GENIUS. 

Tri-fold Homework Station 11 Tri-fold Homework Station12

Tri-fold Homework Station 13

Ethan keeps his open on his desk with his “Art Caddy” since he doesn’t share a room.  Izzy, the princess, folds hers up and slides it under the couch so her little sister won’t get it.  {We are still working on sharing.}

Tri-fold Homework Folder for Girl


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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi! I found you via and just want to say this is brillant!! I have a 6 year old in K5 and piles of his papers in my kitchem. I was thinking about making some sort of homework desk for him, but this is better! Perfect way to keep track of his nightly reading sheet, how to write ABCs sheet, and other stuff that we need almost daily. Plus I can just fold the board up and everything is in its place. Genius!! I’ll be checking out the rest of your blog… ~Nichole D.

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