DIY Lego Activity Storage Box

DIY Lego Activity Box with Storage

I needed some Christmas gifts for my adorable nephews and had no clue what to make them.

They love to play Legos,  and so my genius husband, Michael, came up with this…

Lego Activity Box Tutorial

…perfect on the go, and the great thing? You can make it any size you’d like with any lidded storage box! Here are the simple steps…


  • razor blade knife
  • lego plate
  • storage box
  • contact cement or tough adhesive

How to Make a Portable Lego Box

1. Measure your lego plate and mark where to cut.

How to Make an Lego Box to Go by U Create

How to Cut Lego Plates for craft projects by U Create - get a clean cut everytime.

Lego Activity Box Tutorial by U Create

2. Next we placed a long Lego and cut against the edge for a perfect, clean cut…just gently go over it with the knife three times and it looks like this…

Lego Activity Box Tutorial by U Create

3. We grabbed our contact cement {however you can use Gorilla glue or any other strong glue you have on hand} and glue the plate onto the bottom of your storage box.

Lego Activity Box Tutorial by U Create

Press firmly {make sure to follow the directions for your adhesive, the instructions vary}.

Lego Activity Box Tutorial by U Create

4. We personalized the containers for my nephews and son using our digital cutting machine and purchased a lego set to include as their gift.

Lego Activity Box Tutorial by U Create

You would have thought they were in heaven!

Lego Activity Box Tutorial by U Create

They LOVE their new gift, and mom loves that they can put it in the box when they’re done playing!

Lego Activity Box Tutorial by U Create

If you missed it…check out how I turned a simple coffee table into a Lego table.

lego table

Can you tell we are a Lego lovin’ family!?

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  1. says

    I’ve been looking for a storage box for sets just like this and you made it! How perfect! Can you tell me what storage boxes you used (I haven’t been able to find ones with side clips or ones slim enough to store a bunch of sets in a closet). Thank you!!

  2. says

    That is a great idea. I may make one for my son for traveling. I always take little gifts for the kids to have at the stops we make. Gives them something to look forward to and don’t have to worry about buying some expensive nothing at the gas station! I think this would be great!

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