DIY Water Blob (tips and tricks)

I have to show you what we made today for the kids at our BBQ party!

DIY Water Blob at UCreate - secret tips and tricks to make it a success!
We used two pieces of plastic sheeting sized 9’x12’ and duct tape…

I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea and tell you I was that cool to come up with it.
I saw it via Pinterest by the Clumsy Crafter (fabulous blog by the way) and had to try it!! —>The Water Blob Tutorial

The only thing we did differently was use 4MIL weight plastic which was thicker and after filling up the blob we poked holes through the top sheet using toothpicks!

They had so much fun sliding, slipping, and bouncing on the blob for hours!!
We will definitely be doing this at our next summer get together!!

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    A word of warning for the water blob: I did this with my kids last summer and in watching them, I realized how dangerous this can be. First, this is very heavy when full. If your ground is not completely level, it will slide down the gradient and could easily trap a child. Our backyard has a small grade to it–I didn’t even realize it until our water blob started moving. It is a rolling action rather than a slide, which is how a child could get stuck underneath. It is to heavy to be lifted up to rescue a child with out emptying it out. Secondly, once there is a hole in it, it creates the risk of suffocation in the same way it would if you allowed a child to play with a plastic bag. I think the water being contained gives us a false sense of security and safety from drowning but this is actually a very dangerous activity and should not be done without adult supervision. My husband and I both agreed this was not a safe activity for our kids and we actually took our kids off it and tossed it after 15 minutes of watching them. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I just want everyone to be aware of the risks. Wanted to share my experience. If you do this with your children, please do not leave them unattended!

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    I gave this a try yesterday for my kids’ last day of school and they LOVED it! The neighbor kids came over too and they were entertained for hours! It’s not even warm out (in fact it rained a few times while they were playing) – but they were having so much fun that no one even noticed. Thanks for this idea!

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    We did this as well and our kids loved it. Instead of poking holes in the top, we just put the sprinkler on near it so the top lewet. We also let them put a little “no tear” baby shampoo on the top to make it slippery and to get them clean. 😉 Very fun!

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    We tried this last year and it leaked like crazy. There is another version on Pinterest that involves heat sealing the edges, we’ll be trying that this year! Also, be careful because it will kill your grass. We filled ours up in the hot sun and the plastic pulled all the moisture out of the grass below. So even though it was only there for less than an hour, there was a square of brown grass for weeks! One more tip, add blue food coloring! It’s very pretty :) excited to try water blob 2.0 this year!

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