Fabric Banner Tutorial by Made From Scratch

fabric banner tutorial by made from scratch
My name is Elisa and today I have a tutorial for you!
Are you excited? Good! Me too!
First off, a little about me! I’m a wife and a mother of 2 little boys who are pretty adorable. I love to craft and create beautiful things for my home. I decided to start my blog, made from scratch, at the end of June this year (2012) simply because I’m always making things so why not document it all in one place and share it with others? I crochet a heck of a lot but also make non-crochet crafts now and then. Today I will be sharing one of those non-crochet things with you ….
(ok I lied, it has tiny crochet element … i couldn’t help myself)
So lets get to it … Here’s what we will be making!

fabric banner tutorial
fabric banner tutorial

Cute no?
You will need …
1. Small pegs
2.  Large pegs
3.   Crochet acorns ( pattern HERE )
4. 2 and 1/4 yards of Cotton piping ( found at hobby lobby or joanns )
5. Fabric scraps, about 2.5 inches wide and variety of lengths, i used about 45 pieces of fabric
and about 11 pieces of lace, ribbon, silk, and tulle, you can use anything that you have left over from other projects.
banner supplies
This is how we do it …
Step One
Step one: Measure 16 inches from each end of the rope and put a peg so you have a rough distance of 40 inches in-between pegs, this gives you a starting and a stopping point and we get a concentration area to place all our fabric.
{ NOTE: I’ve scaled down the tutorial to make it easier to see}
Step Two
Step two: Start to tie all your fabric strips to the rope! I prefer to start with all my patterned strips then break them up with solid colors.
Wondering how to tie these suckers on?
This is how i do it …
How to Tie
pull fabric

Step Three

Step Three: Keep filling out the space between the pegs with your fabric and keep pushing them together slightly to make a fuller look. Then start to add your ‘special’ material scraps like the lace, ribbons, tulle. Remember to space these out along the rope!
Step Four
Step Four: Customize! The GREAT thing about this banner is that you can use your own artist license to make it your own! Add elements that you love and fit with the theme of your room, for example i placed tiny crochet acorns along mine since we officially hit fall! and have mini pegs so i can add family pictures and change them easily.
fabric banner tutorial by made from scratch
Thats it your done!  It really takes no time at all but adds a lot to a room!
Ideas for customizing:
– Family photos
– Seasonal decorations ( acorns, candy canes, snowflakes, … turkeys? )
– Fairy lights
– Silhouettes
– Family initials.
– Birthday boy/Girl photos for a birthday decoation
You can real get creative with this craft and easily make it to fit your home decor.

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  1. says

    Sure wish I could still crochet (forgotten how and arthritis has made is too painful) and if I could read a pattern. Those little acorns are so adorable. How sweet they would be used in many ways. I’ve seen this type of valance done before but it’s so great we can personalize it to our needs. Yours is so inspiring, thanks for sharing. I’m not much for pining on pinterest so I’ll put this in my favorites.

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