Robin’s Egg Spring Wreath by Grits & Giggles

I’m Jenilyn from Grits & Giggles and I am absolutely beyond thrilled to be here at U-Create today as a creative guest! I have been a reader for a long time, and have LOVED participating in the Create With Me series that Kari puts together each month. My blog is full of  Tutorials for sewing and crafting, sewing Patterns, and mommy meanderings.
I’m just a little embarrassed to say that I have just taken down my Christmas Wreath this week. It was time….because it’s March. It was time for a new wreath. I wanted something that screamed SPRING without lots of flowers…and with no PINK. I don’t do pink if I can help it.
Robin’s Egg Spring Wreath Tutorial by Grits & Giggles
Robin’s egg blue and chocolate brown are one of my favorite color combinations, so I thought “Why not put it on the front door to welcome Springtime?”
Here’s how you can make one too!!

1 round foam wreath
24 medium sized plastic eggs (Easter section of ANY store)
20 small plastic eggs (From Hobby Lobby)
Spray Paint in your favorite color
Accent paint color
hot glue
Let’s get started!
To begin, lay out all of your eggs and make sure they are snapped together properly.
My small eggs were colorful, and my large ones were white.
Spray paint your eggs in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside. Allow one side to dry then turn them over and spray again.
I gave mine about 3 coats until they were shiny. I left some of the colored eggs a little thinner though, because I liked a little bit of their original color “peeking” through.
Once they’re dry, use your accent paint to draw designs on some of the eggs. You can use a paintbrush, or squeeze paint right out of a bottle.
I drew lines on some, dots on some, and left the rest plain.
Before gluing your eggs, tie a length of tulle or ribbon to your wreath for hanging. It will be hard to get it around the eggs later!
Begin hot gluing your large eggs around the inside of your wreath. Turn them different directions for variation.
Add a second row around the outside of that one, filling in holes where you can. Once your large eggs are glued on, begin using your smaller eggs to fill little holes where you can see the styrofoam wreath.
To camouflage the styrofoam further, I added some little tulle puffs on the inside of the wreath. Just place a dot of hot glue on the inside and stick your tulle to it, then continue around the wreath creating puffs.
Add some ribbon to your tulle bow and hang it on your front door.
You’re ready for SPRING!
*Happy Crafting*
Thank you so much Kari for having me here today.
I hope ya’ll will come by and visit Grits & Giggles and say HI!

Jenilyn thank you for sharing your wonderful robin egg wreath with my readers! Such a fun use of plastic eggs and tulle!

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    Love these wreath idea! I was going to buy spray paint to recreate my own; however, I was told that I needed to buy the krylon fusion spray paint, because the ordinary krylon paint won’t stick to plastic. It looks like you use the original kind and not fusion… did it seem to adhere well?

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