Trick or Treat Witch Bag Tutorial

Trick or Treat Witch Bag by I Gotta Try That
 I made this bag from a tutu and a bag I picked up from the dollar store.
 The bag was slightly larger than the tutu, so I turned it inside out and sewed about an inch on each side.

 Then I cut off the excess.
 I used a glue gun to glue the tutu around the bag.
 I cut the bottom of the skirt in kind of a zigzag to make points.
 I kind of scrunched up the bottom to give it a messed up look.
 I bought a small piece of polka dot material, a piece of foam and sparkly felt.
 I cut two legs out of foam and super glued the material around them.
 I cannot draw at all but I did my best and drew a witch shoe as best as I could.
 I then traced the shoe on the black foam and sparkly felt. I then cut them out and put the felt onto the foam.
 I used my Silhouette (cricuts work also) to make the word Wicked, and then cut it out with Glow in the Dark Vinyl.
 The Glow in the dark Vinyl is very thick so it was easy to just peel off and stick to the bag.
I found this little spider at Michael’s Crafts and had to super glue it to the corner.
  I loved how it turned out!
Fun bag for a little trick or treater!

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Cutest Halloween bag ever! Thank you for sharing your talents with us today Marcie.

Make sure to hop on over to I Gotta Try That and check out her Halloween “Scarefest” series!

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    Oh my gosh! This is seriously so cute! Fantastic job! I wish I had a girl to make this for haha, I don’t know that my husband would be happy if our son was walking around with it ;). Thanks for sharing! I found this on pinterest

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