Turn a Coffee Table into a LEGO Table


How to Turn a Coffee Table into a Lego Table\

The kind people at Wayfair asked if I would participate in a challenge. I said “sure” and they sent me this fun coffee table and a gift card for my DIY project!

before coffee table

–>> you can find this table HERE<<–

My wheels were spinning and we are a major loving Lego family and so we decided to create a Lego table for the kids! It was really simple…

DIY Lego Table

1. We bought these Lego plates at Toys R Us {the kids wanted green for land and blue for water}. Next we trimmed them with a razor blade so they would fit nicely on the table top.

Build a Lego Table

2. Next, we used contact cement and glued them to the top of the table. These babies are on there for good!

DIY Lego Table from a coffee table - u-createcrafts.com

Seriously, that’s pretty much it!

The LOVE their new table and have been constantly playing Lego’s the past few days. The husband even joins in once in awhile!

Having a large top to build on…


middle drawers for their finished creations…

lego drawers

…the drawers for holding tons Legos…

building legos

…equals happy kids and hours of entertainment!

lego jets

How to Turn a Coffee Table into a Lego Table

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  1. says

    ooh that wasn’t too bad. When I saw your post title, I thought it was one of those, scratch your head, spend hours figuring it all out kind of DIY. But this looks very doable. I want one of those tables for myself. I love making things from those tiny blocks as much as any 5 year old :)

  2. says

    I bought an old coffee table and did the same thing a year ago! I didn’t glue them down though because they like to take them off and build at times. But it works the same way. The coffee table I bought had a drawer built into it which is a great place for them to store the little people and fun parts like that.

  3. says

    I inherited my moms old coffee table this summer. It had a lip all the way around so i had a piece of plywood cut to fit down in and the glued the plates. I also took some of the grey plates and made a road all the way around too. My daughter keeps planning out her lego friends town to play on it.

  4. says

    We did the same thing 2 or 3 years ago, with a great coffee table we bought at a thrift store, and my husband added wheels to it so we can move it around. The problem is, that our lego collection has grown and grown…so this no longer is enough space for our boys and their legos. We found a great solution at Ikea that has way more storage for Legos and space to build. But I do love the coffee table lego table- so we have that still too :)

  5. says

    Hello–this is fantastic. I have everything in my cart and ready to order but wondering how many plates I should order. I have 3 green and 3 blue but you mentioned trimming additional plates. So how many do you think I should order?


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