Bandanna Summer Skirt Tutorial


How to make a bandanna skirt by U Create!

I was walking past a huge variety of bandannas at the craft store last week and had this idea to make some circle skirts for my girls.  Because we are planning to attend a few 4th of July celebrations next month, I grabbed some red and blue bandannas make some seriously patriotic skirts.  I like sewing with bandannas because they are so inexpensive.  And for summer clothes they are ideal because they are so light-weight.

The Bandanna Skirt Tutorial is so simple and quick!  It only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish…

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Supply List:

-3 Bandannas from your local craft store

-1.5 inch wide Super soft elastic

-sewing machine and matching thread.

Skirt elastic

I have used the wide white elastic that you find in ANY sewing aisle of any super store and my girls hate it.  It is well worth the trip to the fabric store to buy this very soft 1.5” wide elastic because it saves me the whining I hear if I use the other stuff. :)

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #1: Iron the pesky wrinkles out of the bandannas.  Lay all three of them on top of each other and fold in half.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #2: Fold in half again.  Now you have a square.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #3:  Measure 3 inches in from the point…or more for a shorter more gathered skirt. Cut the middle point off the square using a round cut…not a straight across cut.

{You can even lay out all three bandannas on top of each other and put your elastic circle from step five in the middle and draw a chalk outline on the OUTSIDE of the elastic. Then cut on the line.}

DIY Circle Skirt

Step #4: Open the bandannas and you have a near-perfect circle.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #5:  Measure your little one with the elastic and cut the appropriate size.  Overlap the elastic about 1/2 inch and zigzag stitch the end down.  Flip over and zigzag stitch the other loose end down. 

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #6: Stagger the bandannas so they are not laying perfectly on top of each other.  Make sure you can see all 12 points.  Line up the circle in the middle.

Pin Elastic

Step #7: Pin the circle.  I put four pins across from each other.  This makes it easier to attach the elastic evenly; allowing you to spread the pleats out a bit so they are not all on one side of the skirt.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #8:  Pin the stitch part of the elastic to one side.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #9:  Pin the opposite side of the elastic to the fabric across from the first pin you used.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #10:  Pin the sides of the elastic to the skirt with your remaining pins.  Try to make sure the pins are equal distances apart {without making yourself crazy, it doesn’t have to be exact}.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #11:  Now you are going to work between two pin at a time.  For example the back pin and the left-side pin are pictured above.  I am only going to work with the fabric between those pins right now.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #12:  Gather the fabric between the back and left-side pin and pin it into place. Make sure to spread it out equally between the 2 pins.  Next work with the fabric between the front and left-side pin and pin it in place.  Do this all the way around the elastic.

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #13: Secure the fabric to the elastic using a zigzag stitch at the bottom of the elastic. 

Bandanna Circle Skirt Tutorial by U Create

Step #14: Take out all the pins and you have a super cute and seriously simple circle skirt.  It’s already hemmed and ready to wear!

10 Minute Bandanna Skirt

I definitely plan on heading back to the store for MANY more bandannas.  They come in all colors and designs! Grab whatever design you want and start creating.

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      • Jan Johnston in DE says

        I made this for my 6 year old grand-daughter, it was so cute. I realized that it would be short, so I made a pair of blue shorts from 100 % cotton suede print and attached them at the waistline before just before attaching the elastic. It did not create extra bulk and the blue peaking out from under the read bandana skirt with the gold elastic looked really cute.

  1. says

    I am also wondering how much to cut out of the circle – 2 inches down? 3 inches? Also i assume the circle is the same size for everyone but the elastic is the only thing that changes?
    sorry…. new to sewing =)

  2. Carolyn Noyer says

    This has nothing to do with the skirts I just wanted to tell you a number of years ago one of my daughters was out growing a favorite pair of pants. After some thought I decided to take a plain pair of black pants and cut a “V” shape, split the slides of her favorite pants about 6 to 8 inches down and sewed the black v’s in there and she was able to wear her favorite pants a bit longer.

  3. Christie Y says

    What a cute and easy project! I made this in about 20 minutes from start to finish. We have a perfect impromptu cowgirl skirt for school tomorrow. (I can see the hours of playtime in this thing as well.) Many thanks!

  4. Dessie says

    Hi there! I love this skirt, thank you so much for posting! I have three girls, ages 5, 3 and 1, and I want to make a skirt for each of them. I went to two fabric stores today (JoAnn and Hobby Lobby) and I couldn’t find the soft waistband elastic in the right color. Where did you get yours? Is there somewhere online I can order from? Please let me know, thanks!

    Also, I’m afraid this will be too short for my 5 year old. I like skirts to hit them at about the knee, maybe just a tad higher. Any ideas on how to extend a skirt like this?

    • Becky Vandenberg says

      You can absolutely buy it on Amazon. Try this link:
      As for extending the skirt, you might be able to add a little lace or ruffle to the bottoms of the bandannas. I also sewed 4 together to make one large square…you could try that. Let me know how it all works out!

  5. Cheryl Haynes says

    Love this and plan to make one for my granddaughter. I checked the website mentioned for the soft waistband and they do not show it in red. Where did you find the red. Orange, teal, green, and purple were the only colors available. I plan to embroidery a cowgirl on the shirt to go with it.

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