Seashell Wind Chime Tutorial

Hi U Create!
I am Lindsay, {of the blog Lee La La},
where I take on Life, Family, and my LOVE to be crafty.
I am over the moon excited to be guest posting for you all today.
If you should know one thing about me,
it’s that my 15 minute drive to the beaches of Malibu,
is my favorite place to be.
It makes me smile.
With that being said…
I want you all to gather up your sea shells,
(it’s OK if you don’t live near the beach, most craft stores sell packs of shells)
because today I am going to show you how to make this…
Sea Shell Wind Chime Tutorial
sea shell wind chime tutorial
Are you ready?
{note: don’t let that power tool scare you, I had hubby’s assistance, but a hammer and nail work just fine too).
approx 30 sea shells
power drill with 1/16 drill bit
star fish
CLEAR stretch magic jewelry cord
12″ piece of twine
1. To begin, we are going to DRILL (or hammer), a hole down the center of each shell you plan on using.
Drill a hole on all 5 corners & and in the center of your star fish.
(the starfish will be the base of your wind chime)
starfish wind chime
2. You are now ready to build your base.
Cut 5 pieces of 24″ stretch magic cord.
At the end of EACH cord, tie a triple knot.
Thread your cord from the outside of your starfish, in, so the knot catches.
Repeat for all 5 corners.
You are now ready to begin threading sea shells.
3. Using the same threading technique (outside, in) begin threading shells onto your cord.
After each shell, tie a triple knot to secure it’s placement on the line.
windchime diy
I left approx 4 inches in between each shell, but it’s totally up to you!
seashell windchime
…continue until your line is full of shells
4. Repeat this process until all 5 corners of your star fish have shells.
The more eclectic your shells, the better!
how to make a windchime
5. Now you are going to create a loop to hang your wind chime from.
Cut an 12″ piece of twine. Jewelry wire or anything heavy duty to hold the weight would work fine. Start from the inside, and thread it thru to the outside.
Tie at triple knot on the inside to secure.
Next, make a loop, and tie another knot.
windchime tutorial
Project Complete!
You can now hang your chime from a patio hook or ceiling to display.
diy seashell windchime
Thanks for crafting with me today.
Thank You Ucreate for having me!
Be sure to stop by my blog or etsy shop and say hello! I love meeting new friends!

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