DIY Fridge Mats


How fun is this idea submitted by It’s an Organized Chaos? She takes these fabulous plastic placements she found at Target and lines her refrigerator with them…
Fridge Mats Tutorial

How cool that she lined the refrigerator door shelves, too?!
Easy cleaning, and adds a fun pop of color!


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  1. says

    i hate to be a downer but when i had my shelves lined and then experienced some challenges with it, the repairman said i had caused the fridge to not function properly due to lack of proper airflow. FYI. ck with others to verify but when we got rid of the shelf liners the challenges went away. He said i could have cmpletely ruined the fridge.

  2. Anonymous says

    i think he was pulling your leg for lack of a better answer for you. Really there would be no way that a plastic mat on non-porous glass COULD cause less circulation. The glass shelf it’s self is a barrier to circulation. a mat couldn’t add to that in any way unless your fridge had magically porous glass that no one else has. Maybe you could get a second opinion from another fridge professional? On another note, Gonna do this come friday for sure!!! Cuteness and I won’t mind removing the mats to rinse instead of the shelves every time for sure.

  3. Angela says

    Does it make your fridge mold when something spills? I’m just thinking about doing it but wonder about maybe meat or milk spilling in the fridge. Is it easy to clean? I am a fridge freak! I bleach my fridge down every 2 weeks. Thanks!

  4. says

    What a great idea! It would be so much easier to clean by pulling out a plastic mat instead of the entire shelf. Although, I would wipe down the shelf with a little bleach on a rag but it’s still easier than pulling out a whole shelf and washing it in the sink.

  5. says

    I did this today…but it didn’t turn out as nice as yours. I have a french door fridge, with the freezer on the bottom. The shelves are wider than in the side-by-side so I ended up with an inch or so gap on each side of the mat, so it doesn’t cover the entire shelf. But it still looks nice and will end up making my fridge easier to clean so I’m still counting it as a win. Thanks for the idea!

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