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My girls love leggings.  We have leggings in every color.  But I really want some that have a cute print and a little more personality.  I saw these adorable tights at Wal-mart and really found myself wishing they were leggings.  This is about the time I realized that I have a sewing machine and I kind of know how to use it.  I began to think of ways I could transform the TIGHTS INTO LEGGINGS.  So I bought them and rushed home to try the idea that was in my head.  This is one of those times when the idea worked perfectly!

Turn Tights into Leggings 1


Tights (old or new)

Sewing Machine

Matching Thread


M&M’s and Diet Coke {optional, but why sew without them}


Turn Tights into Leggings 2


Turn Tights into Leggings 3

1. Cut the heel and toe off and throw them away.

Turn Tights into Leggings 4

2.  Make sure the remaining squares are cut straight on top and bottom.  Cut the little squares in half, like above.


Turn Tights into Leggings 5

3.  Zigzag stitch the ends of each strip.  This photo only shows the bottoms zigzagged, but I ended up doing both sides.  (NOTE: the pictures only show on leg of the tights being worked on.)


Turn Tights into Leggings 6 Turn Tights into Leggings 7


4.  Zigzag the bottom of the tights too.  So, now you should have a “ruffled” hem on all pieces.  The pictures above are before and after.  (Except I zigzagged both sides of the little strips…that isn’t shown in the pics.)


Turn Tights into Leggings 8

5.  Slide one of the strips on the leg just above the ruffled hem.


Turn Tights into Leggings 9

6.  Stitch into place right down the middle. 


Turn Tights into Leggings 10

7.  Slide the other strip above the first one and stitch into place.  Repeat everything on the other leg of the tights and you are done.


Turn Tights into Leggings 11

On the other tights I just did the zigzag stitch ruffle hem and left them like that. 

I love both pairs!  They are adorable and SUPER quick and easy.

Tights into Leggings Tutorial at


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  1. says

    these are adorable! i think this would also work great on those tights that are too small! that way the crotch isn’t down to their knees because the bottom of the tights are restricting them from staying up! :)

  2. says

    Thank you so much for this! I have a little girl who is infamous for putting holes in the toes of her tights even though the rest of them still have a lot of wear. Now I can make her footless tights that she can wear, and pass down to her little sister! :)

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