Tons of Free Chalkboard Fonts and Dingbats!

I am totally addicted to fonts.  All fonts!  When people talk about Font Snobs, I am afraid I fall under that category. Recently I was looking through my font folder and noticed that I am a bit addicted to the Chalkboard type and dingbats.  

Here are some of my favorites just in time for Back to School…

FFF Tusj
Fine College
DK Carte Blanche
Grutch Shaded
Handwriting Draft (The little flowers are made with this font, too. It’s my FAVORITE!)
KG Flavor and Frames Seven (includes the love dingbat and hearts shown above)
Edmunds Distressed

Bergamot Ornaments
Bad Coma
Abusive Pencil
VTKS Simplex Beauty

Return to Sender
Scratched Letters
VTKS Chalk79
Sign Handwriting
Sketch Gothic School
Veneer Extras
VTKS Recover

Boceto St
Candy, Inc.
CF Marie Eve
Chalkline Outline
Chalk Hand Lettering
Clementine Sketch

KG Makes You Stronger
Birth of a Hero
Little Bird
KG Already Home
Mikie’s Christmas List


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