Snow Cone Christmas Gift Idea


My name is Amy from The Idea Room and I am excited to be a part of UCreate’s neighbor gift series! Need a simple, inexpensive neighbor gift this year? My kids love snow cones, do yours? Photobucket

Who says that just because summer is over, that you should give up eating your favorite snow cones? And…in most places, Christmas is a time when you are surrounded by plenty of a snow cone ingredient…SNOW! Just make sure it is FRESH…CLEAN snow. Or if eating snow from outside is not your thing (or your weather is not conducive to producing snow, you can simply grind up some ice in your blender or food processor and make yourselves one! I like this idea because it’s one that hasn’t been overused! The little kids {and big kids} are sure to love it!


I simply covered some plastic cups with some decorative paper, and took some straws and cut them down a bit so they would fit into a cellophane gift bag. Then add a bow and a cute little tag and you are good to go. I originally found my snow cone syrup at Target, but if you have a hard time finding the syrup, I know you can order some still from Happy Gifting Everyone! Thanks Kari!

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