Washer Ornament Tutorial

Kari told me that so many of you have the same concern I do this time of year…
Well, here are some of the guidelines I use for my neighbor gifts:
1. Inexpensive (since I need to make so many of them!!)
2. Meaningful– whether it is personalized for them or it is something that just makes life easier (see idea #3) it is great to give something that blesses their lives in some way.
3. Easy– I hate being “crazy busy” this time of year. It takes the joy out of the season for me so my neighbor gifts HAVE to be easy.
4. Finally, it has to be something that won’t go directly into the garbage after I drop it off.
Let’s be honest, we have all received some of those gifts before!
With that, here are a just a few ideas for you from nannygoat.
I love to give handmade ornaments for Christmas.
These are the washer ornaments we made last year. They are so easy and you can personalize it with their name etc. Also, I always put the year on the ornament so it can be a keepsake for them to look back on through the years.

I had the idea to make the following ornament this year…

This ornament idea comes from my favorite banners (so easy to make).
I love to personalize ornaments, in this case by using the first letter in their last name.
For more details on how to make this ornament just check out my banner tutorial here.

A little note (make sure you put the year) for the back side of the ornament. And there you have it. So easy and so cute!  
And finally the easiest idea (and what I’m doing for some of my neighbors this year)…

Simply a roll of Christmas wrapping paper and a tag.
The tag says, “We hope you are getting wrapped up in the spirit of the season. Merry Christmas! with love, the _____ family” I LOVE this idea because it is something they can USE and may make the holidays just a little easier for them (am I the only one who has run out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve?!) Just make sure you get it to them before Christmas so they can use it and don’t have to store it for a year!
Good luck and Merry Christmas!!
Thanks Kari!

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