Peppermint Photo Ornament Tutorial by Lisa Storms

Hi, I’m Lisa from (creative name, right?) and I am happy to be a part of U Create’s inspiring ornament series!
I wanted to create an ornament that could hold a collection of Christmas photos from each year. I love regular photo ornaments, but I just have so many favorites that it’s hard to narrow down!

Peppermint Photo Ornament by Lisa Storms - personalize with a memorable photo inside!

I decided to transform a paper mache box from the craft store into a little photo box. Peppermints have become my very favorite Christmas decoration, so I instantly knew the plan … a sparkly peppermint ornament on the outside and a collection of sweet memories on the inside. =)
Here’s how to make one of your own.

Peppermint Ornament Tutorial

Start with a 3-inch paper mache box. Paint it white and set aside to dry.

Peppermint Ornament Tutorial

Meanwhile, punch four circles from red cardstock using a 2 or 2.5-inch circle punch. Feed each circle back into the punch partially as shown and repunch. This creates the crescent shapes you’ll need for the peppermint design.

Peppermint Ornament Tutorial

Glue them to the dried lid of your box as shown, spiraling out from the center. Allow to dry fully, and then flip the lid over onto a cutting mat. Use a craft knife to trim off the overhang.
Paint the lid with a nice layer of Mod Podge and cover with a thick layer of crystal glitter if desired for sparkle. Allow to dry and shake off excess glitter.
Now all you have to do is fill with SWEET memories! Cut or punch 2.5 inch circles from printed Christmas photo copies.

Peppermint Ornament Tutorial by Lisa Storms - with a special photo inside!

Hang using baker’s twine (I used a tiny eyelet screw I had hanging around, but you can also punch two small holes to thread it through). Create a new ornament each year for a tree full of memories =).



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