Peppermint & Snow Christmas Tree Revealed!


Peppermint Christmas Tree Theme by UCreate - classic!

I’m so excited to show you my finished tree for the Michaels Holiday Dream Tree Challenge!!

So I know my colors were going to be turquoise, red, white …but when I started decorating, I fell in love with the red and white by themselves!

My favorite thing about the tree? These ginormous glittery candy cane ornaments…and yes they’re shatterproof, too.

Giant Candy Cane Ornaments at UCreate

Here’s a close up of the rest of the ornaments. Every single thing you see on this tree is from Michael’s so you can find what you need there along with many other themes.

peppermint Christmas tree ornaments

As for the top of the tree? This was the very first year I haven’t had a star on top! I saw these blingy candy swirls and knew they had to top the tree!

Peppermint Christmas Tree Topper by U Create

Oh and in case you missed the how to add snow to an artificial tree tutorial…

How to Add Snow to an Artificial Tree by U Create

I want to give the fabulous people at Michaels a HUGE thank you for inviting me to be a part of this amazing challenge.

Peppermint and Snow Christmas Tree - classic theme!

Thank you for my dream Christmas tree! I couldn’t be happier!

Make sure to check out the many dream trees from the other bloggers on Michael’s  Facebook Album, and their Pinterest board!


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  1. says

    Your tree is stunning! I love that when I google Michael’s trees this is one of the first ones to come up!
    Now about those candy canes. I cannot find them at Michael’s. Did they come in a box or loose? I am having the hardest time and they really are a must-have! ;-D

  2. says

    I recently came upon your blog and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing all of your fun ideas! I love everything about your tree! I think I will use it as inspiration for mine! Do you have any suggestions for using the deco mesh? I’ve never worked with it before.


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