PVC Pipe Tutorials


Tons of DIY PVC Pipe Tutorials for Summer!


If your boys are anything like mine, they love to turn everything into a gun! Grab some pvc pipe and learn How to Make a Marshmallow Gun at We Love Being Moms!

Marshmallow Gun Tutorial by We Love Being Moms


The kids will spend hours using their imagination in this PVC pipe tent! I love this version of the DIY Teepee by Sawdust Girl!

PVC Pipe Teepee Tutorial by Sawdust Girl


What about a 2-in-1 project?!

Learn how to make this amazing lemonade stand and easily turn it into a puppet theater by Simple Simon and Co.! I love those “two birds with one stone” projects.

PVC Pipe Lemonade Stand that can turn into a Puppet Theater, too!


Have little soccer fans in your home? Hop on over to Six Sisters Stuff and learn How to Make a PVC Pipe Soccer Goal!

DIY PVC Pipe Soccer Goal by Six Sisters Stuff


Wait, Simple Simon and Co. has another fabulous PVC Pipe idea – How to Make Summer Camp Chairs.

So perfect for fireworks, parades, BBQ’s, etc.

DIY PVC Summer Camp Chairs by Simple Simon and Co.


I had a friend make this last month and I was blown away at how clever this is! We have bikes all over the backyard or under the deck in a crazy mess. Hostess with the Motzes to the rescue by showing us How to Make a PVC Bike Rack!

DIY PVC Bike Rack by Hostess with the Motzes


Create this car/bike wash and sprinkler with this simple tutorial from Crafty Sisters!

PVC Pipe Sprinkler Tutorial

PVC Sprinkler Tutorial by Crafty Sisters


We didn’t leave out the little artists! Head on over to Instructables to learn How to Make a PVC Easel

DIY PVC Easel at Instructables


…and last but not least! Mom Endeavors shows us how to build a DIY Ladder Golf Game!

How fun is this for both kids and adults?!

PVC Ladder Golf Game Tutorial by Mom Endeavors


Head on over to your local home improvement store and stock up on PVC Pipe! Your kids will THANK YOU!!


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