1-Hour Bindless Baby Quilt

I wanted to make a special friend a baby quilt, but I am not a big fan of the whole binding part of quilt making.  So I tried my hand at a bindless baby quilt and to my surprise this it only took my 1 hour to make…start to finish! 

1 yard Madhuri Diamond Red by Riley Blake Designs
1 1/2 yards Basic Shades-Bubble Gum by Riley Blake Designs
1 1/2 yards of white flannel (I used this instead of batting)
Matching pink and green scraps for the diamonds
Clear thread

Baby Blanket 1
Step 1: Cut 5 inches from the top of the Madhuri Diamonds.
Step 2: Cut a 3 inch strip of the bubble gum fabric making sure your strips is the width of the Madhuri.  You will sew this 3 inch strip to the top of the large pieces of the diamond fabric.  Then sew the 5 inch strip of the diamond fabric to the bubble gum strip.  This creates your quilt top.
Bindless Baby Quilt3
Step 3: Lay your backing (Bubble Gum Fabric) down right side up.  Lay you quilt top right side down on top of the backing.  Lay the flannel (or batting) on top of the back of your quilt top.  Square it off by making sure all sides are straight and equal length.

baby quilt in a day 4
Step 4: Pin all the way around except for about a 5 inch opening at the top.
Baby Quilt TutorialStep 5: Starting at one end of the 5 inch opening, sew around the quilt stopping at the other end of the 5 inch opening. (1/4” seam allowance).
clip the corners
Step 6: Clip the corners.  Turn the quilt right side out using the 5 inch opening.
Pin it together
Step 7: Iron the entire quilt nice and flat. Turn the raw edges of your opening under 1/4 inch and press with hot iron. Pin the edges together.
Top stitch blanket
Step 8: Starting at the pins sew a 1/8” top stitch all the way around the quilt.
Step 9: Cut 3 coordinating diamonds from your scrap stash (or get some perfectly matching fat quarters at the fabric store).  I made my diamonds bigger than the pink strip.  Pin the two outside diamonds in place; sew around using your clear thread. This not only looks super cute, but it helps tack both sides of the quilt together while giving the blanket a quilted look. Lastly, sew on the middle diamond.
Clear Thread sewing

Step 10: Just to complete the quilted look, I sewed around random diamonds in the Madhuri fabric with my clear thread.
Diamond Patterns
Step 11: Iron it really good, fold it up and give to baby!
Baby quilt tutorial

I think she likes it!  I loved sewing this and plan to make many more! It was so easy; even a timid sewist can make this quilt!

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