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About a year ago I noticed a dozen children’s cape tutorials floating around the internet.  I kept some ideas harbored in my mind for the time when my kiddos would be the cape wearing age.  This week I thought I would tackle the project.  The following is what I came up with.  These are made from thrifted pillowcases
One to two dollars a piece – I’m good with that.  Plus, there are a bunch of adorable pillowcases out there.  Vintage floral?  Yes please :)  I think a ruffle along the bottom would be adorable. 


This is an easy, easy sewing project.
Here we go:
~ Supplies ~
sewing machine and thread
small pieces of hook and loop velcro
pencil/pen for tracing
First, gather your supplies.
Now, I wish that I could create a pattern for you to print out, but unfortunately I don’t think it is possible considering the size of this project.  Instead I’ll teach you how to make your own pattern.  I used newsprint that I had on hand (from our moving boxes), but newspaper will work just fine.
Cut a rectangle of newspaper about one and half feet tall and the same width of your pillowcase.  Now draw the above shape onto your newspaper.  Notice that the straps are medium size, not too long or too thin.  Hand draw and cut out a shape and then fit the newspaper on your trusty helper.
If the straps are too short or too long, or the neck hole too small for your child, pull out a new piece of paper and try it again.  Please note that this project doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect!  I think your child will appreciate the cape just the way it is!
Next you’ll be turning your pillowcase inside out.  Trace your pattern on the top of the closed end
Take your project to the sewing machine and sew along your traced line.  
Now cut off your excess material (the portion that is not part of the cape) 1/2″ from your sewn edge.
Turn your pillowcase right-side out at this point and sew the cape shut along the open end of the case.  Sew about 1/4″ away from the edge.
To give your cape a nice and finished look top stitch around the rest of your cape, about 1/8″ – 1/4″ from the edge.
Almost done!
You’ll now want to add the hook and loop velcro.
Just eyeball where you want it.  Seriously.
Overlap the straps about three inches and mark with a pencil on each side where you want the velcro.  Pin down the velcro with the hook and loop sides facing each other on the overlapping straps.  Sew down each piece.
Now, see how simple that was?
Your child might want a logo on his or her cape but I decided to keep these ones simple.  My daughter tends to change her imaginative story lines all the time.  We never discussed the specifics of her super-hero profession yesterday but I did hear a lot of things like, “I’m a super-hero!  I can save the day!”, “I can save all the guys!”, and “Bees can’t hurt me!” (Said with a lisp, of course.)
Last night when she was in her jammies and I went to tuck her in I said, “Goodnight my little super-hero.”
Her response?
“Mom, I’m not a superhero!”
Apparently superhero status only comes when wearing the correct apparel.
Thanks for reading!  I wish the best in your cape making.
Enjoy your little super-heros while you can :)
What a fun way to keep the kiddos entertained with a simple pillowcase. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us Becca!
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