DIY Embroidery Hoop Thread Rack


Many of you enjoyed the embroidery hoop pincushion tutorial and the DIY Embroidery Wall Hooks by Stacie at Yellow Spool.

Next, she’s showing you this fun way to store your thread and bobbin holders!

Embroidery Hoop Thread Rack Tutorial

embroidery hoop thread rack tutorial by yellow spool


Embroidery hoops (one for each thread rack)

1/8″ dowels

Wood glue



embroidery hoop thread rack 1

1- Start by cutting the dowels down. For my spools, I cut 3 1/4″ pieces. For my bobbins, I cut 1 1/2″ pieces. To start, just make an indentation with the blade all the way around the dowel, then snap.

thread holder 2

2- Loosen the fastener at the top of the hoop as much as possible without screwing it all the way out. This should leave you with enough space for the dowels. For spacing purposes, place dowels on the top, bottom, and sides- think 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock.

embroidery hoop 3

3- The spaces in between the dowels are going to be tighter, so you’ll want to put your next dowel in right next to one of the dowels you already had in place, and then slide it over. Spread dowels around the hoop fairly evenly, then you can space them perfectly even.

embroidery hoop 4

4- Once the hoop is set up how you’d like it, set it upside down on some newspaper and place a small amount of wood glue at each joint. Start with a small amount of glue, and if you decide you need more later, you can go back and re-glue it. Let dry.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the final tutorial in the DIY Embroidery Hoop Series by Yellow Spool!

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