Ribbon – Tabbed Curtain Tutorial

Creating these curtains made the biggest difference in my bedroom makeover.

Want to add instant warmth? Add curtains!

How to Easily Make Ribbon-Tabbed Curtains

So simple, too! If you can sew straight lines, you can sew curtains with this easy tutorial…


Grab your favorite material…I used HGTVHOME Looped Fog from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores. The width of my fabric used is  56”.

For the length, I measured two inches below my ceiling and down to the floor. Add 6 inches for sewing the tops and hems. Cut. You have your first panel. Repeat steps for each panel you want to make.


Next I’m going to show you how to hem each side of the curtain panels.


1. Measure one inch and fold over .

2. Iron the fold.

3. Fold over again another inch.

4. Iron the fold again.

5. Pin along the edge to secure it.

6. Sew with 1/4” inseam down the whole side of the curtain. Repeat these on all the sides of the curtains – not the top and bottom!

Now lets move on to the bottom and the top edges…


We are doing the same thing as the side hems except for the bottom we are going to fold in 1 inch, iron, fold again to 3 inches and sew 1/4” inseam.

You will do the same thing as you did to the bottom but you’ll place a piece of ribbon like this before sewing the 1/2” inseam…

*note you can sew the seems on the top and bottom without placing the ribbon for  a scrunchy look. If you want more of a hidden pleat look use the ribbon tabs.

Ribbon Top Curtains

Fold the top and bottom of the ribbon pieces about 1/2” in and pin securely. Next you will sew 1/2” inseam on the top of the curtain and 1/2” inseam on the bottom of the ribbon…along side whole curtain.


Hang them up and enjoy the new warmth to your room!!

How to Make Custom Curtains by U Create


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      Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I can’t believe I left out such a HUGE detail! My fabric when I received it was already 56 inches wide, so that’s the width I used on each panel. Off to update the tutorial right now and fix that! Thanks again!

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