Sharpie Crafts

Cool Sharpie Craft Tutorials -
Wait until you see the many unique, creative things you can create with a Sharpie marker!

Sharpie Napkin Tutorial by The Salty Pineapple - and tons of cool Sharpie tutorials!
DIY Sharpie Pillowcases by A Subtle Revelry - tons of cool sharpie tutorials!
DIY Sharpie Buttons by Punk Projects - tons of cool Sharpie craft tutorials!
DIY Sharpie Wallpaper by Owen's Olivia - tons of Sharpie craft tutorials!
Baby Shower Onesie Guest Book Idea by U Create
DIY Sharpie Saddle Shoes by Dream a Little Bigger - tons of cool Sharpie crafts!
Sharpie Herringbone Lamp Tutorial by Vintage Revivals - tons of cool Sharpie crafts!
Gold Staples using Sharpie by House of Huntley
DIY Sharpie Placemats by Cottage and Vine - tons of sharpie craft tutorials!
State Sharpie Mugs by Shades of Grey - lots of cool Sharpie crafts!
Sharpie Panda Balloon Tutorial by The DIY Fox - tons of cool Sharpie crafts!
Sharpie Clothespins by Henry Happened - tons of cool Sharpie crafts!
I hope I’ve inspired you grab those Sharpies hiding in your office or craft room and start creating Sharpie Crafts!!

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  1. Emily says

    A nod to the onsie idea… When I was pregnant with my son, I had people make him onsies with sharpies and iron ons. We did the 12 months, and all the holidays, as well as just some creative ones. We did that in place of games. Everyone said it was the best shower they’d ever been to. They got to be creative, and knew they were contributing to his wardrobe. Plus, on all of his monthly birthdays, and the other days, I tagged them in a posted a pic of him on Facebook so they could see him in it. :)

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