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Have you enjoyed the fabulous embroidery hoop tutorials by Stacie at The Yellow Spool as much as I have?

sewing wall notions tutorials

Today she is here with the final tutorial in the series…

embroidery hoop shelf tutorial


2 or 3 embroidery hoops (all the same size)

wood glue

1 nail (if you’re displaying a spool of thread)

diy embroidery hoop shelf


1- Start with 2 or 3 embroidery hoops, all the same size. The more hoops you use, the deeper the shelf will be.

2- For a standard shelf, skip this next step. Because I keep a spool of thread on my shelf, I chose to nail through the bottom of the inner hoop on ONE embroidery hoop. That nail helps keep the spool of thread from falling off of the shelf. When you layer the shelf, the hoop with the nail should be either on top (for a 2-hoop shelf) or in the middle (for a 3-hoop shelf).

embroidery hoop shelf tutorial 1

3- Before you glue the layers together, make sure the fasteners at the top of each hoop are loosened enough to be able to hang onto a nail. Glue the sides of the bottom layer of the shelf and layer the next hoop on top and press. Put a heavy book on top to “clamp” the glued pieces together. Let it dry for several hours, according to the instructions on your wood glue.

embroidery hoop shelf tutorial 2

4- If you remove your heavy book and notice that you maybe might have gone a little glue happy, not that I can relate… ahem, just use a blade to cut off the excess. OR, you could skip a step, learn from my mistake, and go easy on the glue. Apparently it still does it’s job even if you don’t plaster it on in heaping mounds, who’da thunk?


sewing notions wall tutorial by Yellow Spool

With all of your pieces for the notions wall ready, you can hang them (be sure to find a stud for the heavier pieces like the hooks and thread rack). I hung some empty hoops up there too, for those days that I have an itch to hand stitch.

Thanks for having me, and I do hope you’ll stop by Yellow Spool sometime (maybe learn a little more about that spool of thread I have displayed on my shelf).


Let me give a huge thank you to Stacie for sharing her talent with us! Here’s a quick recap of her embroidery hoop series…

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…and make sure to head over to Yellow Spool for creative inspiration galore!

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